CITIZENS of other European Union countries who are residents of Wyre Forest are being encouraged to register to vote.

Nearly 1,000 citizens from the rest of the EU are ready to vote in the district at either this year’s local government or European Parliament elections, or both - the polls are due to be held on the same day, May 22.

Any UK resident who is a citizen of another EU member state can register to vote in local government elections. They are also entitled to choose whether to vote at a European parliamentary election in either Britain or their home country. Applications and declarations stating they will vote only in Britain election must be returned by May 6.

Wyre Forest electoral returning officer Ian Miller said: “The statistics are a vivid illustration of one aspect of diversity in Wyre Forest, with nationals of more than 20 other EU states registered to vote here in the local Government elections.

“If any of them wish to cast their vote in the UK in the forthcoming European Parliament elections and haven’t already made a declaration, they need to submit it by May 6.”

The largest group of electors registered to vote in Wyre Forest come from Poland, comprising 430. The next biggest is from Italy, with 142 voters. In contrast, there is just one voter each from Croatia, Cyprus and Estonia.

More than 200 of the voters have registered to vote in both Wyre Forest District Council and European Parliament elections.

A declaration form to vote in the UK can be sought by calling 01562 732928 or emailing