SOLD medals and an MBE belonging to Wyre Forest’s leading lady Elizabeth Mills will be presented back to the community thanks to her goddaughter.

Claire Winter, whose grandmother Kathleen Cook was a lifelong friend of Mrs Mills, has bought her MBE, Guiding and council medals after they appeared on eBay.

Kidderminster collector Rob Knight put the items online after buying them at an auction with items belonging to Mrs Mills, who died aged 101 on January 1 in Stourport.

Ms Winter is now appealing for the new owner of Mrs Mills’ missing mayoress medal, which was purchased by an unknown collector at the auction and also sold on eBay, to come forward so she can buy and return it to the town.

Ms Winter, of Surrey, said: “We’re quite upset no-one came to us to ask if we’d like them. We’re upset that they were sold at auction.

“When she was 100, we went to the home she was in and took her out for lunch and everybody seemed to know who she was. She was a minor celebrity. She was well loved around the area.”

Mrs Mills’ MBE, along with her Guiding medals from when she was county commissioner of the Worcestershire Girl Guides, will be displayed at Blackmore Guide Camp, which she helped to secure funding for.

Her alderman medal and council medals will be given to Stourport Town Council.

Ms Winter added: “I have spoken to [Stourport town councillor] David Little and he was very interested in having the council medal and the alderman medal, which is one of only three issued. I’ve purchased that to be displayed in the mayor’s parlour.”

Mrs Mills was awarded her MBE in 1981 for services to the local community.

Anyone with details about Mrs Mills’ mayoress medal, listed on eBay as ‘Political Medal Past Mayor Town council Stourport on Severn, Solid silver M.B.E’, can email