BEWDLEY is now a bee-friendly place.

Wyre Forest Friends of the Earth educated residents of the town on how to help protect the insects by running an information stall.

The group also collected donations of £82 to support its campaign to save Britain’s bees.

Phil Oliver, co-ordinator of Wyre Forest Friends of the Earth, said: "We received tremendous sympathy and generosity from people in Bewdley. Everyone loves bees and there is great concern that they are dying out.

"In recent years Britain has lost over half the honey bees kept in managed hives and wild honey bees are nearly extinct.

"Solitary bees are declining in more than half the areas that have been studied and some species of bumblebee have been lost altogether.

"The known causes of the bee decline are things which affect us all, such as pollution, pesticides and changes in farming practices.

Nationally, Friends of the Earth have succeeded in persuading the Government to bring in a plan to save British bees.

The strategy proposes practical ways to help bees with suggestions including dedicated habitats for bees on all farms and support for farmers to produce crops using less pesticides.

Mr Oliver added: "Ordinary people can also play their part by not using pesticides and by growing bee-friendly plants in their gardens."