A CHILDREN’S charity shop in Stourport has been praised by one of its volunteer workers for helping him improve his self-esteem and well-being.

Graham Jones, volunteer at Mentor Link, in High Street, said he was suffering from health problems for a long time before he started volunteering at the shop.

“Before I started working at the shop I was feeling so low. I only went out when I had to visit my doctor,” he said.

“Working for Mentor Link has really made me more confident. I now go out four times a week including studying for a computer course in the town.”

Mr Jones said he is grateful for the support new manager of the shop, Bridget Hood, as well as the other shop volunteer workers have given to him.

“I was made to feel welcome by everyone on the first day,” he said.

“My wife suggested volunteering and that the staff in this shop seemed very friendly, so I went to meet them and now work two days a week there.”

“I still have off days, but I don’t think I would be where I am now if it was not for Mentor Link. Thank you for all your help.”

Mentor Link is a charity which aims to support children and young people who may be experiencing difficult times by providing them with a volunteer mentor or counsellor.

To volunteer at the shop contact Bridget Hood on 01299 823537 or email enquiries@mentorlink.org.uk