ONLY one Wyre Forest district councillor achieved 100 per cent attendance at the authority’s meetings in the 2013 to 2014 municipal year.

Figures just released revealed Independent Community and Health Concern (ICHC) councillor Cliff Brewer was the only member with a perfect record and average attendance across the 42-seat body was 81 per cent.

Five councillors attended fewer than 70 per cent of meetings but 10 attended 90 per cent or more of the time.

Mr Brewer said: “I am very proud of this achievement and I work as hard for the community as I can.

“It is very important if you are elected to be at meetings to represent the public.”

Independent councillor John Aston went to 14 out of 27 meetings, a record of 52 per cent, while ICHC councillor Brian Glass was present 64% per cent of the time at 16 out of 25 meetings.

Mr Aston said: “I was not given a committee until halfway through the year so I did not go to the meetings.

“It was not my fault.

“When I was given a committee I attended every time.”

Mr Glass, who owns Mr Cleancalls in Stourport’s High Street, said: “I run my own business which means I can’t get to some meetings, especially if they are in the daytime.

“I go to all of the meetings I have to and I also do a lot of work outside of council meetings that does not count towards these figures.”

Three Conservative councillors – Rose Bishop, John Hart and Stephen Williams, who was appointed the new council chairman at a meeting on Wednesday last week – achieved the second highest rate of 95% attendance.

Liberal Fran Oborski, who served as chairman during the 2013 to 2014 year, recorded an 83% attendance and Conservative John-Paul Campion, the council leader for the majority of the year, attended 79% of meetings.

Conservative Marcus Hart, the current council leader, was present at 33 out of 38 meetings, a percentage of 87%.

The figures were released as the council entered its final year as a 42-member authority. The number of councillors will be cut to 33 next year.

The full statistics:

Councillor G W Ballinger 79% 26/33

Councillor R Bishop 95% 42/44

Councillor C Brewer 100% 40/40

Councillor J-P Campion 79% 23/29

Councillor S J M Clee 75% 24/32

Councillor L Davies 78% 31/40

Councillor N J Desmond 85% 22/26

Councillor H E Dyke 84% 41/49

Councillor P Dyke 74% 17/23

Councillor B T Glass 64% 16/25

Councillor D Godwin 82% 23/28

Councillor J Greener 93% 43/46

Councillor P B Harrison 93% 37/40

Councillor J Hart 95% 18/19

Councillor M J Hart 87% 33/38

Councillor P V Hayward 80% 24/30

Councillor A T Hingley 91% 21/23

Councillor N Knowles 76% 16/21

Councillor B McFarland 83% 39/47

Councillor C D Nicholls 84% 21/25

Councillor F M Oborski 83% 35/42

Councillor T L Onslow 83% 24/29

Councillor J Phillips 89% 24/27

Councillor M Price 90% 27/30

Councillor M Rayner 94% 30/32

Councillor C Rogers 82% 36/44

Councillor M A Salter 81% 17/21

Councillor J A Shaw 77% 17/22

Councillor D Sheppard 86% 25/29

Councillor S J Williams 95% 45/49

Councillor G C Yarranton 73% 38/48

Councillor J Aston 52% 14/27

Councillor N Gale 65% 17/26

Councillor I Hardiman 91% 30/33

Councillor V Higgs 82% 31/38

Councillor T Ingham 73% 22/30

Councillor M B Kelly 81% 21/26

Councillor H J Martin 80% 43/55

Councillor D McCann 73% 22/30

Councillor J W Parish 68% 15/22

Councillor A Sewell 69% 18/26

Councillor N J Thomas 72% 23/32