A newspaper article on Friday stated that some Muslim schools are preaching extreme sectarianism and are removing from their curricula anything that relates to the UK’s cultural history. This is an incredible move with appalling implications.

I hope that I am known for my support of almost all monotheistic religions and the wish to see all possible cross sect accommodations; it is not therefore the religious aspect of the move that concerns me. The problem is the integration of people of whatever background into a single multi-cultural state with at least some semblance of a shared culture.

That our literature, Shakespeare and others, should be banned is unacceptable.

Schools that opt for the proposed hard line should not be reccognised. They should receive no funding, their “qualification” should not be recognized, and children who attend them and fail to attend a recognized school should be treated as truants.

I have no problem if schools who basically accept the standard curriculum (what ever that might be) should also offer additional classes based around Islam, but surely anyone who lives and intends to work within a society should speak that societies language and abide by that societies laws and norms.

A standard basic curriculum IS on of this country's norms.