AFTER 12 years and more than a million tickets sold, Steven Steinman returns as Barron Von Rockula in the all new saga Vampires Rock - The Ghost Train at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre.

Steve Steinman, with his unique tongue in cheek humour, plays the charismatic and supremely evil, Baron Von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die Club.

In search of a bride, the Baron must convince his chosen one to agree to eternal immortality, to be his queen and live forever.

The cast and musicians blast their way through some of the greatest rock anthems, including songs from Meatloaf, Rainbow, AC/DC, Alice Cooper and the Rolling Stones.

The musical comedy is set in the year 20130, the city is New York, the undead are among us and livelier than ever. None more so than in club 'Live and Let Die', where aspiring singer Pandora arrives to audition for the resident vocalist position. Little does she know, that the only job on offer is to be the eternal bride of the evil Baron Von Rockula.

Tickets for the show on Saturday, October 29, are available by calling the box office on 01902 429 212 or visiting