DOZENS of rock music fans are being summoned to Kidderminster Magistrates Court – to appear in metal band’s latest music video.

Kidderminster band WEAK13 are inviting 50 people from the area the chance to appear in the video for their song ‘Obey the Slave’ when they film it on Saturday (December 3) morning.

The band was originally founded in Kidderminster by frontman and guitarist Nick J Townsend and jumped at the chance to honour to come back to its hometown.

As well as appearing in the video, the band will give away free copies of their debut album, ‘They Live’, from which ‘Obey the Slave’ is taken.

Nick said: “The band began in Kidderminster so we thought it was about time we gave some of the folks from the area a chance to be part of what the band is currently up to.”

"We have some great European filmmakers helping us with this one; Greg Gdow and Margaret Mas of 57Studios.

"We're also going to give all the extras a free copy of the debut album to say thanks for being part of our history.

“A lot of great things have happened since the band moved away from Kidderminster and this is our way of saluting those who begun believing in the music.

Filming starts at 10am on Saturday, December 3 and people who want to be involved simply have to message the band’s official Facebook page at

‘They Live’ is available only through their website