WORCESTERSHIRE residents with diabetes are being offered free courses to help understand their condition by the county’s Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.

The courses will be held in 11 venues across the county including the Fred Holland Diabetes Centre at Kidderminster Hospital.

About 28,000 people in Worcestershire are living with diabetes and the trust predicts this will grow by 100 every month for the next few years.

The sessions are open to anyone who has an existing condition or a new diagnosis. People are required to be referred by their GP if interested in attending.

Three courses are available including Diabetes XPERT, a six-week course for type two diabetes being treated with diet or tablets, XPERT Insulin, a six-week course for type one or two diabetes being treated with insulin and DAFNE a six-day course for type one diabetes being treated with multiple daily injections.

Each session has eight to 15 places and courses are taught by diabetes specialist nurses or dietitians two or three times a year.

In Kidderminster, the XPERT diabetes courses run six times a year.

To find out more contact your GP.