ANGRY residents say they will not let 106 houses be built on a field in Astley Cross without a fight.

Bovis Homes has submitted a planning application to build homes on green fields between Pearl Lane, Areley Common and Malvern Edge Court.

The proposals have been strongly opposed by residents and councillors who say there is no need for the houses.

The site, however, is just past the Wyre Forest/Malvern Hills boundary line, meaning the application has been sent to Malvern Hills District Council.

Labour Wyre Forest district councillor Jamie Shaw said he had advised residents of “the 200 homes most affected” – who all live on the Wyre Forest side of the border – to write a letter of objection to Malvern Hills planners.

Malvern Edge Court resident, Alan Smith, whose house is in Wyre Forest but part of his garden in Malvern Hills, has set up a “growing” mailing list of people opposing the plans.

He said: “There is a lot of opposition. It goes against all planning provision because the land is not allocated for residential development in either district’s development plans.”

Mr Smith said the field frequently flooded and a proposed pond “would not” solve the problem.

“We are working hard to stop this and will not let it happen without a fight,” he added.

Mr Shaw said Wyre Forest had already planned for all the homes it needed until 2026 and the South Worcestershire Development Plan had already allocated housing needed for Malvern Hills.

“There is no planning case for these proposed developments,” added Mr Shaw. “This objection is not just nimbyism – it is on very good planning grounds.”

A 13-week period to explore the application which was submitted earlier this month is under way.

It is expected Wyre Forest District Council and Stourport Town Council will be consulted on the application in April and it could be put before Malvern Hills’ planning committee for a final decision in May.