A COURAGEOUS teenager who helped to save his drowning sister’s life during her first epileptic fit has been recognised for his bravery, together with his sibling.

Josh Bayliss, 14, and his sister Chloe, 16, who also suffers with the bowel condition Crohn’s disease, have both scooped the Worcestershire Council for Voluntary Youth Services Tryangle awards for being young unsung heroes.

Josh swiftly sprang into action when Chloe suffered her seizure while in the shower at their Kidderminster home last summer.

The former member of Kidderminster’s Army Cadet Force used his first aid training to put his sister in the recovery position after finding her drowning during her fit as shower water poured down her throat.

He quickly raised the alarm with his mother Susie Griffiths and stepfather Mark Griffiths when he realised his sister was in trouble.

“My mum and Mark were downstairs and I heard this bang,” explained Josh. “I thought the glass cabinet had fallen down in the bathroom.

“I shouted Chloe’s name and knocked on the door. She wasn’t responding so I shouted for my mum and Mark.

“Mark kicked down the door and I turned the shower off, got Chloe out of the shower and put her in the recovery position until the ambulance arrived.

“I didn’t see Chloe as my sister – I just thought I have got to get on with this and I have got to do it.”

Chloe, who medics first thought was anorexic when her weight plummeted to just five and-half stone after developing Crohn’s disease in 2010, said she couldnot thank her brother enough.

“If he hadn’t heard me I don’t know what would have happened,” she added.

The King Charles I School pupils said they were honoured to have scooped the awards – which recognise the achievement of youngsters – Josh for being a friend and carer to his sister and Chloe for bravely coping with her illnesses.

She had just started to come to terms with her bowel condition when she was told she had epilepsy last year, after suffering four seizures within a month. “It’s been hard but I get lots of support,” Chloe said.

Mrs Griffiths said Chloe had coped “amazingly”, adding she was “so proud of them”.

"It’s been a very rocky road,” she said. “Chloe and Josh are my inspiration, alongside their sister Naomi [21].

“It was lovely to see them recognised in such a way. I can never thank the staff at King Charles enough for supporting Chloe, Joshand us as a family.