CONCERNS have been raised over air pollution with black smoke billowing out of the Lawrence Recycling fire site since Sunday.

Residents have complained about the smell of smoke throughout Wyre Forest and are worried about any risk it might pose to their heath.

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service area commander Jon Pryce said: “We’ve managed to bring the smoke down an enormous amount. It has been significantly reduced.

“Yes there is smoke but no, it is not hazardous. We do have to carry out firefighting operations on site but we will not start pulling out the rubbish as this will cause more smoke.

“It’s a balancing game. We’re trying to make sure our firefighting operations are sympathetic. We may do more work in the evenings.”

He said he believed residents would see the smoke plume until the weekend at least and possibly into next week.

Public Health England said health risks were “low” but smoke could be an irritant to eyes and throats.

Dr David Kirrage, a consultant with the Public Health England’s West Midlands health protection team, said: "The general advice remains that people should do all they can to stay out of the smoke.

"If concerned, staying indoors with the doors and windows closed should provide some additional protection.”