SUPERMARKET giant, Tesco, has reversed its decision to extend its free parking from two to three hours at its Kidderminster store - after customers complained there was no room.

The brief week-long trial proved popular with Christmas shoppers but not with Tesco customers, who struggled to find spaces in the congested car park.

The three-hour free parking had been introduced after complaints from customers that two hours was not long enough when doing a big shop, especially if they wanted to use the cafe.

A Tesco spokesman said: "We are always trying to give customers the best shopping experience that is possible and so tried to give them more time to do their shopping but some customers were finding it more difficult to find spaces and so we decided to revert back to two hours.

"We think, on balance, two hours should be long enough to shop at Tesco and pop into town for a while, if they wish."

He added Tesco sent warning letters to first offenders who overstayed the permitted time in the camera-controlled car park, before being sent £70 fines.

Kidderminster shopper, Tracey Hudson-Saunders, of Hemming Street, thought the sudden change from three back to two hours was likely to catch people out and criticised the store for failing to advertise the reversal clearly.

"They just changed the hour on the sign, which is in quite small print which you could easily miss," explained the mother-of-one, "I think they should have put up some posters about it."

She also feared Tesco would lose business because she said there were often times when customers could be there for more than two hours and thought the old system of showing a receipt and giving customers unlimited parking was better.

"You have to find a parking space, get into the store - it can take 20 minutes just to get through the check-out at busy times," said Mrs Hudson-Saunders, "You also have to queue sometimes to use the changing rooms, because they only have a couple, and then you might have to queue to get out of the car park."