PRIMARY schools in Wyre Forest have performed above the Worcestershire average but remain just below the national achievement percentage.

Statistics released last month by the Department of Education showed 73 per cent of the district's 11-year-olds in 2013 achieved the Government's target for academic achievement at Key Stage four - level four or above in reading, writing and maths.

The number compares to 72 per cent in Worcestershire and 75 per cent in England overall.

This year the Government has set a new benchmark for primary league tables with youngsters' results ranked based on scores in maths and reading and writing, instead of English overall as it was previously.

Coalition politicians made the change from gauging pupil achievement based on English and maths, saying failings in one area now could not be covered by success in another.

The change makes results difficult to compare to past years but statistics suggest if results had been compiled in the same way in 2012, the Worcestershire average would have been slightly higher than it is this year at 73 per cent.

Among the schools performing well in Wyre Forest was Wilden All Saints Primary School, which claimed top spot for the district and was joint fifth overall in Worcestershire when schools were ranked by the Government's standard.

Teachers at the school in Wilden Lane, Stourport, saw 97 per cent of year six pupils achieve level four in reading, writing and maths and 43 per cent achieving level five. The scores have also placed the school in the top 250 institutions in England.

Headteacher Joy White, who is retiring next summer, at the end of the school year, said: "We are delighted with these results. The staff are very committed to achieving the full potential of all our pupils, who we are very proud of."

Sarah Allin, chairman of governors, added: "This is a fantastic result for the school. League tables are, of course, only one of the ways by which to measure the work of good schools but these excellent results are a testament to our pupils hard work and teachers' skillful and consistent teaching."

To view the primary school performance tables, visit the Department for Education website HERE.