WORCESTERSHIRE Girlguides have paid tribute to their former county commissioner Elizabeth Mills, who died aged 101 on New Year's Day.

Mrs Mills, who was also a former Stourport mayor, Wyre Forest District councillor and Worcestershire County councillor, was the division president for Hagley at the time of her death and had also been division commissioner.

Jennifer Price, Worcestershire Guide county commissioner from 1991 to 1996, said: "She was keen to see young people take on leadership roles and she was never happier than being in the midst of 8,500 members of Girlguiding in Worcestershire.

"The five Worcestershire Girlguiding campsites, the Mills Brownie Pack Holiday House and the The Barn were established because of Elizabeth’s negotiating ability, combined with inexhaustible enthusiasm.

"She had a favourite word – 'super' and everyone remembers that word in relation to Elizabeth.

"It mattered not that she was in wellies and holding an umbrella on a camp site or whether she was attending the Council of Girlguiding in London, she delighted in giving her time for young people.

"The personality of Elizabeth Mills was huge and the young and not so young always responded to her enormous enthusiasm. She was respected greatly and sadly died only seven weeks away from her 102nd birthday.

"Elizabeth was a great lady and had a caring ability that was second to none. Everyone from the youngest Rainbow to those senior in years was important to her."