AN eagle-eyed Shuttle reader has spotted that Stourport-on-Severn has become Stourport-on- Thames in the latest edition of an A-Z map .

Richard Pitman, of Ombersley, spotted that the River Thames was running through Stourport in a Redditch and Kidderminster edition of the map, produced by Street Ezee town plans .

The same blunder can be seen in the latest edition of the Redditch and Kidderminster Street A-Z Atlas by the Geographers’ A-Z Map Company .

Mr Pitman, formerly of Stourport, said: “When I saw the River Severn was the River Thames, it was incredible.

"I have been a right old grump about the lack of investment – we never got a ring road.

"Just imagine the investment we would have if this was the case .”

A spokeswoman for Geographers’ A-Z Map Company said: “Corrective work has been carried out for the next edition.”