WORK to remove waste at the former Lawrence Recycling site following its devastating blaze last year has been temporarily stopped after complaints were made about the smell.

The disturbance of waste at The Forge, in Stourport Road, has been producing the odour, which Public Health England claim will not "bring about any negative effects" to health.

The Environment Agency (EA) has been working with the new owners while they clear the site.

The site was sold after Lawrence Recycling went into administration after two major fires hit the firm in just seven months.

An EA spokeswoman said: "The new owners of The Forge have started clearing the waste remaining at the site following the fire in June 2013.

"Some odour may be caused during this process as the waste is disturbed, but this should reduce quickly after the waste movements stop.

"We are working closely with the owners to ensure that the waste is being taken to the correct disposal point.

"Waste movements have stopped temporarily following concerns about this work. We will update the local community when odorous waste is moved again.

"The environmental permit is still suspended to stop new waste being brought onto the site and no waste has entered the site since June 2013.

"We have sought advice from Public Health England (PHE) regarding any health implications from the odour. "

A PHE spokesman said: “The sense of smell is extremely sensitive and people can detect odours from chemicals in very low concentrations, typically far below any level that could bring about any negative effects to their health.

“While the smell is unpleasant, the possibility that any odours could represent an actual risk to the public’s health is minimal, especially considering the short term nature of exposure.”

Anyone with concerns about the ongoing works can call the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 or for more information on odours from PHE visit