YOUNGSTERS at a Great Witley school have been taking to their new after-school activity like ducks to water .

They have been making a splash at their evening scuba-diving lessons at Abberley Hall School.

Boarders and day pupils at the school can take advantage of the scuba-diving training, with ten children now working towards their Open Water Professional Association of Diving Instructors (P ADI) certificate throughout the academic year .

James Abbott, design and technology teacher, who oversees the activity, said: “Scuba diving is proving popular with the children.

It is a de-manding discipline and requires a certain sense of adventure , but our pupils are always up for a challenge .

“This term they are cove ring theory and pool work in the school’s 25-metre indoor swim-ming-pool and next term they will undertake four open-water dives in Midlands quarries to complete the qualification.

“When they have successfully passed the course they will be able to dive anywhere in the world without an instructor."