SMASHED glass and rubbish left strewn around steps in Kidderminster have been cleared up by a resident who dedicated his day off work to the job .

Steven Walker swept up litter, beer cans, bottles and broken glass from the steps, that connect Windsor Drive to Stoney Lane, in his spare time after becoming fed up with the state of the Horsefair area.

He claimed the mess had been reported a number of times to Wyre Forest District Council but nothing had been done .

Mr Walker, who works for West Midlands Ambulance Service as a medical emergency technician, said he feared for the safety of youngsters using the route to attend the nearby St Mary’ s CE Primary School.

He explained he spent a morning tidying up the steps “for the good and benefit of residents and children who live in Larkhill, Windsor Drive and the Stourbridge Road and Horsefair area”.

He added: “The steps connecting Windsor Drive to Stoney Lane are laden with smashed glass and rubbish which, with the cold weather and ice, are a danger to walk on.

“This has been reported to the council on several or more occasions and nothing has been done.

“[I] spent the day off from full-time work in the ambulance service sweeping the steps to allow parents to walk up or down them, and so if a child tripped they would not cut themselves on glass and for dog walkers to walk their dogs without their feet being cut to shreds .”

He said the area needed to be maintained as it was a “high risk”

to children and parents using it to get to and from school and “should not be allowed to get into this state”.

Mr Walker, who is on the Central Tenants Forum for the Wyre Forest Community Housing Group, said he now wanted residents to join him in trying to maintain cleaner streets around the Horsefair and Greenhill areas .