DRIVERS are being urged to take extra care and exercise caution along routes affected by flooding.

The Environment Agency has already issued a high number of flood warnings across the Midlands including in Bewdley and Stourport.

The Safer Roads Partnership is urging drivers to take extra care and keep up to date on news about road closures.

Drivers are being warned to drive slowly and steadily through larger puddles or smaller areas of standing water and not to drive through flood water.

As well as advising motorists to drive carefully, the partnership is also urging pedestrians and motorists to take extra care and avoid travelling through flooded areas, keeping to clear pathways and cycle routes.

With many drainage systems overwhelmed by flooding, there is a danger of drain and manhole covers coming loose which would not be visible if covered by flood water.

Anna Higgins, of the Safer Roads Partnership, said: “This week is going to be challenging for areas affected by flooding.

"We are urging all road users to exercise caution - use common sense, plan your route and allow plenty of time. And whether you’re a motorist, pedestrian or cyclist, do not attempt to travel through flood water. If you come across a road closure sign on your journey, do not ignore it. It is there for a reason and ignoring it could put yourself and others in serious danger.

“Stay alert to local weather and news reports and visit the Environment Agency website ( for the latest flood information. If your local area is experiencing flooding it’s advisable to leave any non essential travel until it has subsided.”