UK Independence Party (UKIP) members have been conducting a survey of shoppers to see the impact of parking charges on Wyre Forest town centres.

The Wyre Forest UKIP branch were out in Kidderminster last weekend in a bid to find out what the best parking model would be for shoppers and businesses.

Once information has been collected, UKIP will be creating a petition to urge Wyre Forest District Council to consider the results.

Wyre Forest UKIP parliamentary spokesman Michael Wrench said: "We asked five questions on parking and charges, 100 per cent of people agreed that there should be two hours free parking in all town centre car parks and 100 per cent agreed on free parking between 10am and 4pm on Saturdays and market days.

"There was a spilt on whether or not the council should continue to charge for all parking but agreed that there should still be some charges.

"Over 80 per cent agreed that parking charges are one of the main reasons the town centres are struggling and more than 90 per cent agreed with more free parking they would visit the town centre shops more often."

Their survey also revealed that many shoppers felt there should be a cap on the number of charity shops, help with rent and rates for business owners and equal investment on both sides of town.

Mr Wrench added: "Town centres are in crisis but our councillors have their heads in the sand and their hand deep in the motorist’s pocket.

"Not charging for the first two hours parking is the perfect retail model and used by all successful major retailers.

"Relaxing some parking charges over the festive season was a Scrooge like gesture, giving back pennies while still taking the pounds.

"Free parking is not just for Christmas, a town needs to prosper during the other eleven months of the year."

The Wyre Forest UKIP branch members will be in Stourport on Saturday and in Bewdley on Saturday, March 1 from 9am to noon to encouraged shoppers to have their say.