BLOCKED drains at a Stourport caravan park are causing misery to its residents who have been wading through water and sewage for two weeks.

Ann Nunn, of Broach Road Caravan Park, said that the blockage has flooded half of the site and has prevented residents from using their toilets.

A Severn Trent Water spokeswoman apologised for the problem but their "priority has to be to help people whose properties have been flooded" and that the water would go down as river levels subsided.

Mrs Nunn, 53, said: "The river has gone down and we're still flooded. This is completely and utterly out of order. We know there's a blockage, it's not the first time we've had this. It took two weeks for them to find last year.

"We need a voice to say come on now, we're humans as well, we need a little bit of help here. I don't think in this day and age, you should be left like this, after this long."

Mrs Nunn said that residents can see paper, rubbish and sewage "bubbling" out of two drains at the entrance to the site.

Nine families have been affected at Broach Road, including Mrs Nunn's four children and four grandchildren, one of which is just two weeks old.

She added: "My grandchildren are off school. They are playing in it in their wellies and we keep having to call them away as its contaminated."

Mrs Nunn said they had used countless bottles of bleach to clean wellies to stop infection.

She added that she could not sit in her kitchen as the smell from the toilet and the drains was "disgusting".

The Severn Trent Water spokeswoman said: "We’re sorry that the people of Broach Road in Stourport-on-Severn are having problems with their drains at the moment.

"The problem is that the rivers in the area are at a very high level following the huge amount of rain we’ve had over the past few weeks. This has meant that the sewers are full of water, along with the whole drainage system, and this will take a while to go down.

“We’re working very hard to get things back to normal, but our priority has to be to help people whose properties have been flooded. We’d like to thank the people at the caravan park and the surrounding area for their patience at this difficult time.”

Mrs Nunn added: "If anyone had been flooded they'd be top priority, but who has been flooded in this area? When we get flooded we just have to wait until they’re ready. That's not right.

"We don't think they're acting quick enough, they should take more responsibility."