WYRE Forest UKIP members have been continuing their survey of shoppers in Bewdley and Stourport to see what their views are on car parking charges.

Members of the branch spent three Saturday mornings in the three Wyre Forest towns encouraging shoppers to have their say.

Michael Wrench, parliamentary spokesman, said: "UKIP wanted to substantiate Wyre Forest DistrictCouncil’s current parking policy was having an adverse effect on trade by taking £1.5 million out of the local economy.

"The results from the hundreds who responded shows UKIP‘s concern are well founded and it was made overwhelming clear that parking charges are a major concern."

One hundred per cent of people interviewed agreed that there should be two hours free parking in all town centre car parks and 100 per cent also agreed that there should be free parking between 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and market days.

Very few people believed the council should continue to charge for all parking but accepted that there should still be some charges.

More than 80 per cent agreed that parking charges are one of the main reasons the town centres are struggling and more than 90 per cent agreed that with more free parking they would visit the town centre shops more often.

Mr Wrench added: "When invited to make comments on what they thought could help revive the town centres, as well as parking charges many of those asked believed high rents and business rates also play a major part, although these are not in the direct control of the district council, they should use their position to bring about urgently needed change.

"UKIP believe it is obscene that the council make £500,000 profit every year from people parking while spending their money locally and it should not have become an easy source of revenue to disguise their waste and financial incompetence."