A FALL at a Stourport holiday guest house led to the death of a pensioner who died from a blood clot.

Rhona Homer, 73,of Halesowen, fell down an unlit step at Oakleigh Guest House, York Street, Stourport, where she was staying after visiting the town's carnival.

An inquest heard she fractured her knee in the accident and was given daily injections to prevent blood clots while in Dudley's Russells Hall Hospital but died 12 days after being discharged.

Her daughter, Andrea Homer, said she had returned home with a cast on her leg and although her mobility was limited, she was able to walk with the aid of a frame.

She told Monday's inquest how she made desperate attempts to resuscitate her mother after she collapsed at home but she was pronounced dead that evening at Russells Hall Hospital.

Mrs Homer, of Park Lane, had been staying at the guest house last September with her daughter and husband Bryan and the Health and Safety Executive had been informed of the accident.

Miss Homer said: "She had the key to the room so was walking in front of us. There was a table lamp but it wasn't switched on and there was no warning of a step. She fell forward and landed on her knee. We took her straight to Russells Hall Hospital A&E at around 6.30pm."

She said the guest house owner had told her someone had previously fallen down the step when drunk, prompting her mother to say: "I hope you aren't trying to say I'm drunk."

Black Country coroner, Robin Balmain said: "This case is tragic and I will personally contact the Health and Safety Executive to ensure something has been done about this, especially if it has previously happened to somebody else, drunk or not - that's irrelevant.

"I will ask if anything has been done to ensure no-one else is at risk of falling.

"Any accident is unfortunate, particularly when someone is on holiday and enjoying themselves."

Mr Balmain said Mrs Homer had died from a pulmonary embolism, caused by limited mobility due to a fractured knee and the clot, which formed in her leg, had broken off and travelled to her lungs, despite measures taken in hospital to prevent that from happening.

He added: "There is a clear connection between the accident and medical cause of death."