A 46-YEAR-old Kidderminster mum of baby twins, who has set up an internet group for new mothers in the district, has spoken of the "amazing" moment she gave birth after 15 years of trying.

Suzy Bailey gave birth to twin girls Rosemary and Millicent on December 29, 2012, after receiving successful IVF treatment in Spain and said she and husband Ian "never gave up".

Mrs Bailey's story has come to light after she set up a facebook group Twins in Wyre Forest for parents of twin youngsters in the district to support each other and organise monthly meet-ups.

She said: "I set up this facebook page with someone who has also got twins to help people in Wyre Forest come together and speak about things because it is hard when you have got two of them the same age. We can exchange tips and things like that. We have had one meeting already and five mothers turned up with their twins.

"We are mums of twins ourselves. We wanted to set up a group to give parents a chance to chat. We know how difficult it is bringing twins into the world." She said she hoped people could bring other ideas to the group.

Mrs Bailey said her twins arrived after she had tried to conceive for 15 years. She said the reason she had not been able to become pregnant before was unknown. She had four unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment in the UK, starting 14 years ago, before moving to Spain in 2005. She conceived during her first attempt at IVF in that country and miscarried but was successful at the third attempt, in 2012.

"Everybody who knew me actually said I would never have children - it would never work," she said. "So when I did it was a miracle - the twins were two little miracles. We had a naming ceremony for them last year and 100 friends and family and people who have been through my journey with me were there.

"Having twins was extremely special for me because I knew deep down I would never do it again. My advice to anyone going through anything similar would be keep going. After 15 years waiting I got it - it was absolutely amazing."

To join the facebook group, search for Twins in Wyre Forest on facebook. Parents who are interested but do not have facebook or those who want advice about receiving IVF treatment can contact Mrs Bailey on 07528 345634.