A COUNCILLOR has been caught playing the wrong hand after taking out her iPad for a game of solitaire during council meetings.

Liberal Fran Oborski has been spotted playing the card game on the tablet at Worcestershire County Council meetings.

While members have been discussing items such as the 2014/15 budget and controversial Hartlebury incinerator, Mrs Oborski has been busy matching up cards in a bid to win the popular game.

In a photo sent in by a resident, during the meeting to discuss the waste plant – which was given the go-ahead – Mrs Oborski can be seen on her iPad playing Solitaire.

She voted against the incinerator, however, and told The Shuttle: “I played solitaire because I was absolutely confident with how I was going to vote.”

Mrs Oborski also defended her actions during the budget meeting, adding most of the councillors used the tablet during meetings to send emails.

“It was about half an hour at the end of the council meeting,” she added.

Mrs Oborski is also a Wyre Forest district councillor for Offmore and Comberton, after being elected to the authority about 40 years ago.

She is also chairman of the authority and was elected to the role last May, taking over from outgoing chairman, Conservative Stephen Clee.

Worcestershire County Council said Mrs Oborski could have paid for the tablet with her ICT allowance, which covers the cost of equipment.

A spokesman for the authority, said: “When arranging the purchase of computer equipment for councillors (within a specified budget) the county council may provide a windows compatible tablet.

“Councillors may choose to purchase a computer directly (with a dedicated ICT allowance) which may include the purchase of an iPad.”