THREE women were involved in an early-morning fracas in Stourport involving high-heel shoes and handbags, Worcester Crown Court was told.

Trouble erupted outside the kebab shop in Lombard Street at 2am on January 11, said Jennifer Josephs, prosecuting.

Hannah Billington had called after a night out to buy a chicken burger when she was insulted by Bernadette Cleavely calling her a "slag.

A fight broke out, which spilled out and resulted in Miss Billington having her head banged into the shop window and then being punched and kicked as she lay on the pavement.

Laura Janes joined in the attack, which left Miss Billington with a cut over the right eye, a cut lip and bruising to her chest and chin.

Cleavely, 23, of Linden Avenue, and Janes, 19, of Barnfield Road, both Stourport, both pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

Janes was sent to detention for 10 months. Cleavely was given a 12-month community order and ordered to attend eight sessions of an anger management course. She must observe a 9pm to 5am curfew for three months.

David Howarth, who submitted three references for Cleavely, said the fracas had been an unedifiying spectacle on a town centre street. Cleavely had told police she had drunk nine to 10 pints of lager and beer and could remember little of the incident.

Fergus Maxwell, for Janes, said she was a vulnerable girl, who was affected by the death of her grandmother a short time before. The impact of this event, fuelled by acohol, had proved to be a lethal cocktail, leading to the fight. Her mother had been shocked when she saw the CCTV recording of the fight and the family had resolved to keep their daughter away from pro-criminal groups.

Judge Michael Cullum said it was fortunate that the victim had suffered only light injuries after being kicked and stamped on as she lay on the floor but it was a disgraceful incident to have happened in a public place.