WYRE Forest’s expert astronomers joined pupils and parents from Franche Community Primary School in Kidderminster at a special night-time event observing the planets and constellations.

Members of the Carolian Astronomy Society took along high-powered telescopes to help the Year 5 students observe the sky above Kidderminster on a clear night.

Parents joined their children in witnessing the wonders of the night sky and were able to identify various constellations and also got a close-up look at Jupiter and four Gallilean moons as well as the moon’s craters in detail as part of work they are doing to investigate space.

Students also made planispheres and helped their parents identify different stars before enjoying an entertaining talk about the sky at night from the visiting astronomers.

Event organiser Matt Caddick, a Year 5 teacher, said it was a "brilliantly" supported event, which helped bring the topic alive for pupils. During this term youngsters have learned about the physical science of space and the solar system, while also being stimulated to use the theme in English, design technology and artwork.