A FORMER Bewdley mayor and his wife, who have both been active in the community for nearly three decades, are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.

Tony and Hazel Rhoden were married on the first day of Spring at Holy Innocents Church fifty years ago last Friday.

The couple, who spent three years living in Switzerland in the late 1960s, celebrated with family and friends over the weekend.

Mr Rhoden, 73, who was twice mayor of Bewdley, is an active member of the Kidderminster and District Lions Club.

He said: "We met in Bewdley through a friend, who asked me to make a four. It was on and off at first but it naturally grew.

"Hazel has been part of the Royal British Legion (RBL) women's section for about 28 years. She just retired from being chairman.

"When I first became mayor, we found you get involved in various things and you get invited to a lot."

Mr Rhoden, originally of Clee Hill, was mayor of Bewdley in 1987 and 1995 and spent 12 years on the town council.

The couple have two sons, aged 41 and 40 and four granddaughters, aged seven, nine, 18 and 19.

Mrs Rhoden, 70, originally of Kidderminster, worked at a chemist in Comberton Hill before moving to a dry cleaners until she was married.

They moved to Switzerland after Mr Rhoden was transferred by his company. He worked in mechanical engineering until he took early retirement in 2002.

Mr Rhoden added: "Generally, we help each other out. I will help Hazel with the RBL and she always helps me with Lions' activities.

"I suppose it's been interesting. It's not always been a bed of roses. Maybe sometimes you don't agree but we've never had any sort of break-ups or big arguments."