CATS are still being killed by anti-freeze in Wyre Forest, despite warnings, after two died from poisoning in Stourport, just days apart.

Deana Lawrence, of Olive Grove, lost two of her pets within three days of each other after they both ingested the liquid, which is attractive to the animals.

She now wants to warn other pet owners to look out for the symptoms before it is too late to save their cats.

Ms Lawrence’s two-year-old pet Ellis was the first to suffer the fate on Tuesday, March 18.

It was found slumped in the garden, making “distressed” sounds and was put down by vets, who also found pellets in its legs, hours later.

Ms Lawrence then had to relive the nightmare when one of her other cats, Fugerly, also two, was killed by poisoning on Friday, March 21.

“Both cats had come home to die,” she said. “We took (Ellis) to the vets and they decided the best thing to do was to put the animal to sleep.

“A few days later (Fugerly) was acting very strange and the vet said it had either been injected with neat vodka or it had had anti-freeze.

“Fugerly was sat in a place that he never sits, looking uncomfortable and started making loud noises.

“When I went to pick him up he was obviously in a lot of pain. Both of the cats couldn’t support their back legs.”

She said she had now rehomed two of her remaining three cats to prevent it happening again, adding: “It’s sad to lose cats. I think it’s been done deliberately – I just want it to stop. It’s horrible."