A ROAD has been temporarily closed in Bewdley after a car smashed into a wall.

Emergency services were called to the incident just after 11am today. An out-of-control white Nissan Micra had rolled down Welch Gate and hit a wall outside houses in Sandy Bank. It is believed the brakes had failed.

The 88-year-old driver, from Clent, was helped out of his car by passers-by Martin and Jay Whelan who also tackled the smoke coming from his car.

Mr Whelan, of Smart Clean window cleaners, said other residents and workers from the area who had seen the incident also came outside to help.

Police, fire and ambulance services then arrived at the scene and paramedics were checked him over.

The incident caused minor damage to a barrier and signage and Sandy Bank was closed for about an hour.

An eyewitness told The Shuttle: "I was in my kitchen and heard some noises and looked out the window and a white car seemed to have lost control and it kept coming down Welch Gate. It's gone across the grass and right up to the wall."

He added there were no pedestrians walking at the time of the incident but the wall was "a favourite spot for school children to sit on their way home".