POPPY seeds have been planted by members of a Kidderminster church to mark 100 years since the start of the First World War.

As part of a service at The Holy Innocents' Church on Sunday, March 30, the Rev Derek Arnold blessed Flanders poppy seeds which were placed in a prepared part of the grounds of the Stourport Road site.

It is hoped they will bloom for Monday, August 4, the day the war started. As chairman of Churches Together in Kidderminster, Mr Arnold is encouraging the idea to be part of a whole ecumenical and community project for the town.

Holy Innocents' Church member Heather Prangley said: "The next few weeks is the time to be sowing the seeds into the ground.

"What a wonderful legacy it will be for the whole Kidderminster community if other groups felt inspired and motivated to do the same - provide a very visual reminder of our respect for people who fought in wars as well as a habitat for wildlife and insects.

"Can Kidderminster rise to the challenge and turn as much of it red with poppies as possible as the British Legion is hoping people will do - all part of the World War centenary commemoration."

The idea of sowing poppy seeds to mark the anniversary originated in the Greenhithe and Swanscombe branch of the RBL - in Kent. The aim is to cover the UK with poppies during the centenary period in commemoration of all who lost their lives in the conflict.

Throughout the world, the poppy is associated with remembrance of those who died that we might be free.