A 19-year-old Stourport man who "went berserk" with a 10-inch knife in a street and threatened police has been sent into custody.

George Loveridge, of Queens Road, Stourport, also made racially aggravated threats to one of the officers and threatened staff at a hospital, Worcester Crown Court heard yesterday.

Loveridge had an argument with his mother after he had spent the evening drinking at her home on May 1 last year, Paul Whitfield, prosecuting, told the court. He stormed out of the house, breaking a glass ornament, which cut his hand. At about 10.45pm, police were called after reports that a drunken violent man was in Stratford Road, Harvington, with a knife.

He initially told them he was going to die and then said he was going to kill them as they restrained him, Mr Whitfield said. He threatened to "slice them in half" and continued to be aggressive as he was arrested and on the way to hospital for treatment to his bleeding hand.

He again threatened one of the officers and made racially abusive comments. At the hospital, he tried to bite one of the nurses and had to be strapped to a bed so he could be treated.

Jason Aris, defending, said Loveridge had been in custody on remand since breaching his bail conditions on March 22 and the experience had been a lesson for him.

"He is not a lost cause," Mr Aris said. "There are some signs of encouragement for this young man."

He said Loveridge had the support of his extended family, who played a prominent role in his life.

Judge Michael Cullum said Loveridge "went berserk" for about an hour, threatening everyone who came near him and carrying a weapon.

"You were abusive and racially abusive and were a real threat to police and to those who were trying to treat you in hospital," he told Loveridge.

Loveridge admitted charges of affray, carrying a knife in a public place and making racially aggravated threats and was given 14 months detention in a young offenders institution concurrent on each charge. He also pleaded guilty to two charges of criminal damage and was given an extra one month concurrent on each charge, making a total of 15 months minus the time he has spent on remand and on an electronically tagged curfew.