A 29-year-old Kidderminster man whose arrest was filmed on mobile phones by shoppers in Worcester city centre has been sent to jail.

A judge praised the "courage" of the officers who arrested Jamie Walker after he was seen causing a disturbance in The Cross, Worcester, at about 4.20pm on October 15 last year, Paul Whitfield, prosecuting, told Worcester Crown Court.

A lot of people were in the centre and Walker was shouting and being aggressive towards a woman he knew, leaning right into her face and ranting about money.

"People were so concerned they flagged down a passing police car with two officers inside," Mr Whitfield said.

Walker continued to shout and make threats to the officers as they struggled to arrest him. He told one of the officers he would kill him and "bite his face off" and then kicked him in the back before he was taken to the floor to be restrained. A crowd gathered and the officers noticed they were being filmed by some of the younger people on their mobile phones, Mr Whitfield said.

Walker, of St Cecilia Close, Kidderminster, was put in a police van and taken straight to the cells at the police station, where he smashed a glass observation panel.

He pleaded not guilty to damaging police property and resisting arrest but was found guilty after a trial at Worcester magistrates court earlier and sent to crown court for sentence. The court heard he was also in breach of a suspended sentence imposed last year for affray and had a long record of convictions for offences including dishonesty and violence.

Lewis Perry, defending, said Walker had difficulties with drink and substance abuse and was taking medication for depression. He was ashamed and embarrassed by his actions.

Judge Toby Hooper praised the police officers who arrested Walker while he was behaving in a totally uncontrolled way.

"It was only because of the courage of the officers involved that this was not a more serious outbreak of public disorder," he said.

Walker was given two months for criminal damage and one month for resisting arrest with six months of his suspended sentence activated, making a total of nine months.