AN experienced street artist has invited a 13-year-old newcomer to feature in his next Kidderminster show.

Dom Dunlea, also known as Deeds, has been making stencil art for more than 25 years. He will be showcasing his work at the Boars Head Gallery (BHG), in Worcester Street.

Making his BHG debut, will be junior stencil mastermind, Aidan Ryan, also known as Mr Mind Control.

Aidan has been inspired by current street art including the notorious Banksy as well as being influenced by comics, BMX riding and a recent tour of street art in Brighton.

Last year, he took part in the Above Boards project at the gallery which saw the decoration of Kidderminster subways and abandoned buildings in Worcester Street.

Dom's work has been exhibited as far away as Australia and has been sold in America, Israel and Europe.

Dom was also responsible for the original Subway Deluxe project, which saw the artwork created in the subways.

In a move away from stencil art, this exhibition, called Not Cut Out For This, sees the artist experimenting in different styles, including his unsettling shadowy figures, which have proved a hit over the last few years.

The exhibition will run to the end of May.

The Boars Head Gallery has also been hosting a monthly Swop Swap night, hosted by Eira Walters.

The next event takes place on Monday, May 19 at the gallery where visitors can bring along unwanted clothes or items that need swopping, repairing or upcycling.

At the next session, Eira will be demonstrating how to make pom poms.

For more information search for waste2want on facebook.