A WOLVERLEY school's world view has been recognised in the form of an award.

Heathfield School has been awarded the Intermediate Level of the British Council’s International School Award.

To achieve it, a school has to demonstrate it has successfully embedded an international element into its curriculum.

Although Heathfield does so in many subject areas including its relationship with its sister school in Thailand, Emma White who prepared the documentation for the award, cited three examples from other areas within the school.

The first was the school's relationship with a school in Tours, France, with hildren from both schools exchanging letters. The second was a year 4 project, titled Postcards from India, in which children from Heathfield imagined their day in an Indian village and wrote to their parents.

The third was a science topic looking at sustainability, which is a European objective.

Receiving the award allows Heathfield to put in a bid to Erasmus+ for a project which, on successful completion, would give the school full accreditation and enable it to display a kite mark.

The proposed project, Home Sweet Home, will involve five schools - the school in France, a school in Galicia, Spain, one in Greece, another in Turkey and Heathfield. The principal laims are to promote multilingualism, ICT skills and employability by linking schools and business.

All five schools share a rural setting and, as well as the use of different languages, the project is designed to open the children’s eyes to their home, the homes of others, the larger home of Europe and to recognise everyone is a European or global citizen. The project will look at homes in the past, in the present and in the future and will take three years.

The schools will communicate on a regular basis, using skype, virtual learning and webinars, as well as contributing to a blog on the etwinning site.

Heathfield has already received a Quality Label from etwinning, which was used to make contact with the other schools concerned. The three years will be divided into five sections, with each school managing one.

At the end of the section pupils and teachers from the other schools will travel to the school leading that part of the project and the children will stay in family homes.

While in the country, they will spend one day in the business community. They will then return to their home and share what they have learned.

Heathfield will lead the first section, titled My House, My Culture, and pupils and staff will visit in May, 2015. Together they will create a bilingual virtual tour of their home, take part in a work experience placement, make a Home Sweet Home plaque in Stourbridge and visit London to compare rural and city homes.

The school expects to hear in the near future from Erasmus+ regarding approval for the project.