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  • UKIP win five seats as Conservatives remain Wyre Forest's largest party.
  • Labour make gains to become biggest opposition party, with ICHC losing two seats.
  • Cabinet member Ian Hardiman, council vice-chairman Daniel McCann and ICHC's Nigel Thomas among casualties.
  • Make-up of council now - Conservative: 15 (-3), Labour: 9 (+1), ICHC: 7 (-2), UKIP: 5 (+5), Liberal and Independent: Independent: 3 (-), Liberal and Independent: Liberal: 2 (-1), Independent: 1 (-)


Thank you for joining us today. We have a round up of today's events HERE but there is more to come over the next week so stick to The Shuttle website for all the updates - most pressingly what will the next administration look like? Will it be a rainbow coalition in Wyre Forest House? Will enemies be forced to become friends? There will be some very important discussions taking place this weekend between party leaders, that is for sure.

Of course, we also have results from the Bewdley Town Council election and the European Parliament elections.

Goodnight folks.


More figures now - the overall share of the vote, and unlike the number of seats, makes very bad reading for Labour-

Conservatives - 26 per cent (6,715)

UKIP - 26 per cent (6,622)

ICHC - 21 per cent

Labour - 18 per cent

Liberal - 4 per cent

Independent - 3 per cent

Green Party - 1 per cent

TUSC - >1 per cent


So the turnout was higher than it was last year at the Worcestershire County Council elections and the year before at the last district council elections - but even so, is it a turnout of 36 per cent overall really anything to celebrate? I'm not so sure.



The Conservatives are still the biggest party but no well short of that overall majority they had just more than two years ago.

Neither leader Marcus Hart, or former leader John Campion, are giving anything away to us over whether they will hold discussions with any other group on the council to form an administration.


Right, having done some quick maths, it looks as if the make up Wyre Forest District Council is now:

Conservative: 15 (-3)

Labour: 9 (+1)

ICHC: 7 (-2)

UKIP: 5 (+5)

Liberal and Independent: Independent: 3 (-)

Liberal and Independent: Liberal: 2 (-1)

Independent: 1 (-)



So there you have it - an extremely tense night. Mixed for Conservative and Labour, history making for UKIP and a dreadful night for ICHC.

I'll speak to some of the victors and we will continue to digest it all here on The Shuttle website during the afternoon, when we will also have results from Bewdley Town Council elections.


Elected in Wribbenhall: Gordon Yarranton (CON) - 591 votes. CON HOLD.

Turnout: 40 per cent.


Elected in Blakedown and Chaddesley: Pauline Hayward (CON) - 779 votes. CON HOLD.

Turnout: 43 per cent.


Elected in Bewdley and Arley: Stephen Clee - 622 votes. CON HOLD.

Turnout: 44 per cent.


The Conservatives have held all three of those final seats. I'll confirm in a moment.


In fact all three remaining seats to be announced - Bewdley and Arley, Wribbenhall and Blakedown and Chaddesley are currently held by Conservatives. Are we going to see any more drama today or will they stay blue?


Remember all these seats are back up for election next year, as ALL district councillors face the voters to elect 33 councillors in re-shaped wards.

That, however, is for another day. Right now we are about to find out what has happened in Bewdley and Arley. Conservative Stephen Clee has a smile on his face from where I'm sitting, so it looks like the Tories could hold on to another seat here. Let's find out ...


Just three more to come now, then I can sit down, do some maths and work out what's what for the next year in Wyre Forest District Council.


Elected in Habberley and Blakebrook: Lynn Hyde (LAB) - 663 votes. LAB GAIN.

Turnout: 38 per cent.


Big news in Habberley and Blakebrook where cabinet member Ian Hardiman has lost his seat.


Elected in Franche: Anthony Clent (UKIP) - 572 votes. UKIP GAIN.

Turnout: 35 per cent.


Elected in Sutton Park: John Campion (Con) - 517 votes. CON HOLD.

Turnout: 33 per cent.


Elected in Offmore and Comberton: Rose Bishop (Con) - 623 votes. CON HOLD.


Turnout 39 per cent.


The results for Offmore and Comberton are due. Rose Bishop is defending for the Conservatives but it is a seat the Liberal's desperately wanted to win back, having moved Tim Ingham to fight this ward.


Incredible, that is UKIP's fourth gain of the day. ICHC have lost their second seat.


Elected in Mitton: John Holden (UKIP) - 667 votes. UKIP GAIN.

Turnout: 34 per cent.


Well there we go, Labour's Howard Martin has lost his seat on Wyre Forest District Council in a big blow for them.


Elected in Broadwaters: Paul Wooldridge (UKIP) - 634 vote. UKIP GAIN.

Turnout: 32 per cent.


Labour's Rob Lloyd has told The Shuttle he is elated with that result in Areley Kings.


Elected in Lickhill: Dixon Sheppard (ICHC) - 622. ICHC HOLD.

Turnout: 33 per cent.


Elected in Areley Kings: Robert Lloyd (Labour) - 557. LAB GAIN.

Turnout - 39 per cent.


Elected in Oldington and Foley Park: Michael Wrench (UKIP) - 338 votes. UKIP GAIN.


Turnout: 27 per cent.


Oldington and Foley Park next


So John Aston, a year on from leaving the Conservative Party has swept up there. The next closest was Conservative Andy Tromans with 330 votes.


Elected in Aggborough and Spennells: John Aston (Ind) - 836. IND HOLD.


Turnout - 36.93 per cent.


That is UKIP's first ever seat on Wyre Forest District Council and judging by the vibes going around the Glades, it won't be their last.


Elected in Greenhill: Martin Stooke (UKIP) - 540 votes. UKIP GAIN.


We have our first result of the day and it's gone to UKIP


Plenty more counts underway now Oldington and Foley Park, Areley Kings, Offmore and Comberton and Broadwaters all underway.

Still a real feeling of tension in the room.


More turnout news:

Areley Kings: 39 per cent.


We are getting vibes that UKIP have done extrememly well in Stourport. It looks as if they party could also have done very well in Greenhill and in Offmore and Comberton.

These reports are all UNCONFIRMED but they are doing the rounds here at the Glades.


Remember - we will be updating the results live, as they come in on our special results page here -


Counting is now beginning for the Greenhill ward. It means we could potentially have our first result of the day within the next half an hour or so.


Some turnout news:

Oldington and Foley Park: 27 per cent.

Greenhill: 30 per cent.


Taking another walk about, candidates' and party leaders' nerves are not dying down.

It looks as if UKIP will be taking their first seats in Wyre Forest District Council. There are a few big names looking extremely uncomfortable - it's a very strange atmosphere here at the Glades - no one wants to predict anything and I think a few people are preparing for the worst.


Labour's Nigel Knowles said his party have had a good night across the country. He added: "It is difficult to project in Wyre Forest but I think Labour will do well and we are still in contention."


Conservative group leader Marcus Hart tells The Shuttle it is a "mixed picture".

He said: "I think that the UKIP vote here is similar to the national picture it does not surprise me.

"Our vote has held up and I have no doubt we will still be the largest party on the district council.

"What the voters have told me is that people are using local council elections to protest against the national Government of the day, it is nothing new whether it is a Conservative or Labour Government.

"In Wyre Forest it has been Health Concern and now the new protest party appears to be UKIP. This is something Wyre Forest has experienced before for the last decade or so."


ICHC Parliamentary spokesman Graham Ballinger says he thinks UKIP will win six of the 14 WFDC seats up for grabs.

He said: "We are still optimistic. We believe we have put on a very good show. If at the end of the day the public has chosen to go with UKIP I just hope those UKIP councillors who are elected will participate."


I have to say having been here for about an hour and a half now and walked around the place - a lot of people are looking very, very nervous. I think we could see a few shocks here.


Independent John Aston - who last year switched from the Tories - is defending his Aggborough and Spennells seat and told The Shuttle he was "apprehensive".


UKIP's Michael Wrench has just told The Shuttle his party have arrived at the Glades this morning in a "buoyant mood" after waking up to strong national results for UKIP.

When asked whether that could be repeated by gaining seats in Wyre Forest, he said: "I do not want to put a bad omen on it but I would like to think we would at least win one seat out of the 14.

"We have arrived in a very buoyant mood, we have worked really hard and now we will have to see what the electorate has to say."


Mr Miller said counting in some wards could get underway at about 11.30am which means some results could come in as soon as noon.


Verification has started at the Wyre Forest Glades Leisure Centre. Counting could get underway before lunchtime when we can expect the first results.

Kidderminster Shuttle:


Former leader John Campion, former chairman Stephen Clee, current vice chairman Daniel McCann and former Tory John Aston were all up for election and will be nervously awaiting the results.

Wyre Forest UKIP parliamentary spokesman Michael Wrench has said his party will "make history" by winning its first Wyre Forest District Council seats.


For more information on some of the key battles in this election - read this story


Wyre Forest District Council returning officer Ian Miller has tweeted he expects the turnout to have been about 36 per cent.


Remember you can get involved, comment below, tweet us @ksshuttle or visit us on facebook by searching for The Kidderminster Shuttle.


We will be updating our special elections results page as the results come in. You can follow it, and also remind yourselves who is standing where, by CLICKING HERE.


The rulling Conservative Party has been defending eight of its seats. The Tories, Labour, ICHC and UKIP contested every ward - and if the results we have woken up to around the country are to be seen here, there could be quite a shake up.


The poll took place yesterday and you may remember also filling in a ballot paper for the European Parliament elections - results for that particular poll will not be revealed until Sunday, so today we are solely concentrating on the 14 seats up for grabs at Wyre Forest House.


Good morning everyone, welcome to our live coverage of the election results for Wyre Forest District Council.

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9:56pm Fri 23 May 14

BewdleyBruce says...

I see the Bewdley Town Council results aren't up yet, but have we finally lost the Gittins?
I see the Bewdley Town Council results aren't up yet, but have we finally lost the Gittins? BewdleyBruce
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