WYRE Forest voters reflected the mood of the West Midlands region as a whole as the UK Independence Party came out on top in the European Parliament elections.

Results for the poll, taken on Thursday, were released last night with UKIP winning three of the seven West Midlands seats in the European Parliament.

Labour won two, doubling its representation in the region, while the Conservatives won two - down one on the 2009 election.

The list of those elected to represent the West Midlands in Brussels and Strasbourg is: Jill Seymour (UKIP) Neena Gill (Labour) Philip Bradbourn (Conservative) Jim Carver (UKIP) Sion Simon (Labour) Anthea McIntyre (Conservative) Bill Etheridge (UKIP).

Casualties included the defeat of We Demand a Referendum Now candidate Nikki Sinclaire and the Liberal Democrats lost their only MEP in the region Phil Bennion.

Eleven different parties were vying for the seats, with 71 candidates hoping to make a breakthrough.

In the end, on a 43 per cent turnout UKIP topped the poll with 428,010 votes, Labour was second on 363,033, the Conservatives were third with 330,470 and the Lib Dems managed just 75,648.

In Wyre Forest, where the turnout was just over 36 per cent, UKIP topped the poll with 10,097 votes (36 per cent).

The Conservatives received the second highest number of votes across the district with 7,740 (28 per cent) and Labour gained 5,015 votes (18 per cent).

The Green Party achieved 1,436 votes in Wyre Forest and the Liberal Democrats received 1,221.