A KIDDERMINSTER mother gave birth to a baby boy without any pain relief in the passenger seat of a moving Ford Focus when her labour suddenly progressed.

Cheryl Guest, 28, of Sion Hill, self-delivered her baby while her partner was driving her to Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Alfie Harris, who weighed 8lbs, 4oz, was born safely into his mother’s arms on the A449 in Crossway Green, near to the Mitre Oak pub.

Miss Guest said: “It was not scary and I just did what I had to do. I was relaxed and peaceful. It was the least painful and best of all my labours.”

Miss Guest already has two children.

She went on: “My baby boy came out crying so I knew he was breathing and everything was all right and my partner was really calm and collected too, which helped.”

Alfie’s father, Mat Harris, 26, a chargehand at Kidderminster’s Victoria Carpets, had begun to take his partner to hospital once her contractions became more frequent but the couple had only completed ten minutes of the journey to Worcester before the baby was on its way, arriving at 12.53am on Friday, May 16.

Miss Guest said: “All of a sudden the contractions got really close together and I needed to push. It all happened so quickly.”

Mr Harris said: “Cheryl and I just looked at each other and thought ‘he is out’.

“It was a mix of emotions – pure joy for seeing my son for the first time but also worry because of the situation.

“Cheryl had been really calm and she did not scream or shout at all.

“Alfie was really alert. He was looking around and seemed okay but there was a bit of panic at the back of my mind and I knew we had to get to the medical staff as soon as possible.”

Miss Guest wrapped her baby in a T-shirt and turned on the car heating before they continued on to the hospital, where a team of midwives was waiting.

She said: “The staff and nurses were really brilliant and supportive and I think they were more shocked than we were with how the birth happened.

“I followed their advice to stay at home until the contractions sped up and obviously no-one predicted things happening so rapidly.

“I must have jinxed it because I had been joking with my partner, who is a qualified first aider, that we didn’t need any help and could deliver the baby ourselves.

“My family and friends were really shocked too and could not believe it.”

Miss Guest spent the night on the ward with her son before travelling home.

Alfie, described as “perfect” by his mother, is healthy and settling into his new home with sister Molly, 3, and brother Jak, 14 months. Miss Guest and Mr Harris have been together for 13 years and will be getting married in October.