STAFF at a nursery in Kidderminster are celebrating after it achieved a good grading in its first Ofsted report.

Happy Hearts Childcare, which opened five months ago following the renovation of a vacant medical surgery on Stourport Road, was visited in March by Ofsted inspectors.

The report stated “all children are happy and settled because staff demonstrate a kind and gentle approach to them”, while the open-plan environment had a “wide-range of inviting resources planned for children’s individual interests”.

It added that safeguarding procedures were robust and the management was effective, with a clear vision for the nursery and an ongoing drive for improvement.

The centre was not yet outstanding because “staff occasionally miss opportunities to extend children’s learning” and “there is scope to obtain further information from parents about children’s continued learning at home”.

The report added, however, “children’s personal, social and emotional development is well promoted” and “partnerships with parents, in regard to children’s care needs, are strong”.

Amanda Summer, the founder and manager of Happy Hearts Childcare, said: “I cried with happiness when I saw the results.

“When someone from outside says you are good, that you are kind to the children and that they are learning positively, it gives you a lot of motivation and it is really exciting.”