THE selection of Stourport Carnival’s queen and her attendants will be carried out this weekend, marking three months until the carnival hits the streets on Saturday, September 5.

The carnival court, made up of a queen, princess and rosebud, is a vital part of the traditional carnival and will be chosen at Stourport Workmen’s Club, Lickhill Road, this Sunday (June 8).

The successfully chosen trio also get the chance to represent the town at functions and events throughout the year.

Stourport Carnival Queen must be between the ages of 16 and 25 on the day of the carnival and must live within 10 miles of the area.

The princess must be aged 10 to 15 and the rosebud must be aged five to nine on the day of the carnival as well as being residents of Stourport.

The decision on who will be chosen to be this year’s rosebud will take place at 1pm, followed by the princess at 3pm and finally this year’s carnival queen will be announced at 5pm.

Past carnival queens and civic dignitaries including Mayor of Stourport, Cliff Brewer, will help to choose the girls and women for the roles.