UNTAXED vehicles are being removed from the road thanks to a partnership scheme involving Wyre Forest District Council.

The authority has teamed up with NSL - contractors for the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) - in response to an increase in untaxed cars being left on grass verges and road sides, leading to complaints from residents they cause a nuisance and an obstruction.

Since November 2011, more than 200 vehicles have been dealt with in Wyre Forest. This means untaxed vehicles have either been instantly removed, clamped and fined, or issued with a warning notice.

Untaxed vehicles are reported in a number of ways to the DVLA, through officers or members of the public.

Conservative councillor Marcus Hart, leader of Wyre Forest District Council, said: "The crew use an automatic number plate recognition system to ensure vehicles are either untaxed or have been taken our of the taxable system.

"Once the vehicle is identified as untaxed, it is clamped and the paperwork is served to the vehicle. It then gets lifted on to the back of a truck that is also fitted with towing bars so more than one vehicle can be moved at the same time. The vehicles are then taken to the compound in Telford.

"Our work is all about keeping the place safe, clean and looking good, which is why we have had a focus on untaxed vehicles on the highway."

A recent blitz saw three vehicles lifted, two clamped and the fines paid and three other received warning notices in just one day.

Members of the public can report untaxed vehicles online by visiting gov.uk/report-untaxed-vehicle