THE outgoing Stourport Carnival princess and rosebud have been shown how to use new medical equipment their fundraising helped purchase.

The 2013/14 princess Aeron Holmes, 15, and Isobel Guise, nine, were invited by doctors to York House Medical Centre, at York House, Stourport, to try out the new machines that was brought with money raised by the Stourport Carnival.

The cash helped health chiefs buy a nebuliser to loan out to asthmatic patients, X3 blood pressure monitors and X3 fingertip pulse oximeter blood oxygen and heart rate monitors to use at the centre.

Pete Roberts, carnival spokesman, said: "We helped buy some things for the centre and the princess and rosebud have helped demonstrate how these machines work. The blood pressure monitors were placed on their fingers and the doctor showed them how it worked.

"It is a small amount for the centre but it is local for the patients of Stourport."

A spokeswoman for York House said the blood pressure monitors would enable patients to monitor their blood pressures at home and other equipment would be used on patients in the surgery by doctors and nurses.

The current carnival court are nearing the end of their term. Queen Kellie Homer, 23, wore the crown at last year's carnival and at events throughout the year - accompanied by both Aeron and Isobel. All three are from Stourport.

The court for this year's carnival will be chosen at a special event at Stourport Workmen's Club, Lickhill Road, on Sunday.

The carnival takes place on Saturday, September 6. The age ranges of each category judges will choose from are between 16 and 25 for the queen, 10 to 15 for the princess and five to nine for the rosebud.

For more information on the event or on anything to do with this year's Stourport Carnival, contact Pete Roberts at Pete's Prints in the town's Bridge Street, on 01299 826930.