DOGS have been making a splash at a new hydrotherapy centre in Elmley Lovett.

Blue Water Pet Centre, based at Ryelands Lane off the A442, provides a four-metre hydrotherapy dog swimming pool to help dogs with their fitness.

It was set up by Stourport resident and pet owner Holly Davies and her partner David Brooks, who used the therapy techniques with their own dogs and decided to help other owners.

They will hold an open day at the centre on tomorrow between 1pm and 4pm.

Miss Davies said: "Dogs can use it for fitness and fun sessions keeping them in good condition or if the vets refer them with arthritis or anything. It is really good for pre and post operations because it is a non weight bearing exercise they can do.

"We set ut up and thought it would be a great resource for people to come and get their dogs fit and healthy, it is a swimming pool and owners can look through the window to see the dogs improving over the weeks.

"We have been open for a few weeks and already the dogs are really improving and getting their confidence up. We always had the display pool at the site because we sell equipment for human and animal therapy. I do therapy with my own dogs and that got the ball rolling and I thought let’s get other people using it. We set it up, got a pool installed and we are looking to install an underwater treadmill."

She added it gave dogs the confidence to swim and be around water safely.

"One pet owner goes out boating and wanted his bulldog to be able to swim," she added. "After this, they are now confidence that if anything happens the dog will know what to do.

"Some people approach us and say our dogs love swimming in the sea and the river but those are cold and dirty environments but bringing the dog to this place, you know they are going to be safe. There is a handler in the pool with them."