A TRADE waste bin has been at the centre of a dispute in Bewdley.

Adrian Mayall, of No Road, has complained that the rubbish container near the entrance to his home, which is used by the Severn Fine Indian Cuisine restaurant on Load Street, smells and attracts rats.

Restaurateur Afrez Miah, however, has stated the bin is clean and new, while a spokeswoman at Wyre Forest District Council said the authority was aware of the dispute and looking for a workable solution.

Mr Mayall claimed: “The bin should not be allowed on the alleyway because it is a public right of way.

“For two years, if not longer, the bin has smelt and been dirty and it has often been too full with waste, including cooking oil containers, that the lid could not close. It is not very nice for anyone to have to walk past it.”

Mr Miah rejected the claims and said: “We now have a brand new bin, which I paid the council for. It is clean and we always keep it locked so it doesn’t overflow.

“The council are happy with the bin’s current position and the alleyway is for everybody.”

A spokeswoman at Wyre Forest District Council said: “We are aware of the complaint and have been working closely with the restaurant in question to ensure that the business has an acceptable waste disposal method that does not impact disproportionately on the local residents who use and rely on No Road during their daily lives.

“To this end we have supplied the operators with an alternative waste container.

“As an organisation we understand the conflicting needs between a successfully operating business and those of local residents and, in these instances, the need for time, patience, and workable solutions.

“We are committed to this and will continue to monitor the situation.”