A 29year-old Kidderminster mother who struck up an online relationship with a boy half her age with the aim of having sex has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Jessica Ashdown, of Woodbury Road, Kidderminster, exchanged a series of messages by texts and on facebook with the boy, Worcester Crown Court was told.

The boy's mother began to suspect something was going on and found the texts on his mobile phone. She texted back to Ashdown and said "you're busted" and notified police, Rebecca Wade, prosecuting, told the court.

She said Ashdown had started the relationship online and the communications had grown increasingly sexual. They called themselves boyfriend and girlfriend and she called him her husband to be and said she loved him. They were arranging to meet to have sex when she was discovered. Miss Wade said they boy had not suffered psychological damage.

Michael Aspinall, defending, said Ashdown, had been vulnerable at the time of the offences, in July last year. A relationship had ended and she was alone with her young child, living on energy drinks and only communicating online. She was now in a new relationship.

Judge Robert Juckes, QC, said Ashdown must feel "humiliated and ashamed" by her irresponsible actions. The boy, he said, had been "swept away" by the attentions of a mature woman. She had intended a sexual relationship but it did not get that far.

Ashdown pleaded guilty of one charge of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and was given a 12-month sentenced suspended for two years with supervision. She will also be on the sex offenders register until further order but no sexual offences prevention order was made. She was ordered to pay £500 costs.