A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy from Kidderminster has so far raised more than £135 for charity after selling bracelets he has made.

Archie Middleton, a pupil of Comberton Primary School, saw an opportunity to join in with the loom band craze by creating bracelets to sell them.

Archie’s mother, Sofia, said: “He started selling them to friends and family for 50p each.

“However, the money wasn’t for himself - he told me he wanted to donate the money he’d earned to Breast Cancer Awareness as his nan is a survivor of breast cancer.

“We are very proud of his initiative and generosity - obviously he is willing to take more orders.”

Loom bands are small elastic bands that are woven together to make a bracelet. They come in hundreds of colours - some even have a scent.

More than three million loom band kits have been sold worldwide.

Mrs Middleton said that it does not take Archie long to make the bracelets and he gets help from older brother Louie, 11, a King Charles I High School student.

“Depending on what else is distracting him, Archie can make one in 10 minutes,” she said.

“The money he has raised is purely from making the loom band bracelets.

“He’s going to keep making them and keep donating until people stop buying them.”