CHILDREN at a Stourport primary school recently attended their first ball - at the age of five.

The reception class pupils of Burlish Park Primary School have been studying fairy tales in their literacy lessons and were surprised to receive an invitation from Prince Charming inviting them all to a special ball at the palace.

The children dressed up as princes and princesses for the occasion, arriving at the palace in their own carriage.

Pupils also wrote RSVPs to Prince Charming, designed new shoes for Cinderella to wear and made cakes for the banquet.

In preparation for the ball, Joe Lindley, PE co-ordinator at the school, gave the pupils ballroom dancing lessons.

Lynda Williams, forest school leader, said: “The children and staff at school had an amazing time at the ball.

“Earlier in the week Cinderella had been in forest school, making a besom broomstick to sweep the cellar floor for the ugly sisters and thought she had no chance of going to the ball.

“Luckily the fairy godmother arrived just in time to perform a little magic and get Cinderella and her friends to the palace.

“She managed to turn four snails that had been happily hiding under logs into four white horses.

“I am glad to say that Cinderella found her Prince and, as in all good fairy tales, we all lived happily ever after.”