A NEW arrival on campus has created a stir at Wolverley CE Secondary School.

Bryn the piglet, who is named after the headteacher, is attracting attention from pupils and staff alike and has become somewhat of a school celebrity.

He lives in a pen with fellow Pietrain and Saddleback crossbreeds John-Boy and Alan and is being cared for by Year 10 pupils as part of a nature project.

Bryn Thomas, the school’s headteacher, said: “The arrival of the piglets certainly caused excitement at the school and everyone has taken a keen interest in them.”

Students built the piglets’ pen and are now helping to feed and look after them, with support from Wyre Forest District Council’s rangers.

The young people have been working with the rangers since September, helping manage local nature reserves by clearing evasive trees and plants that damage natural species.

Pigs, which eat evasive shrubs, can also help the clearing process and the pupils have been tasked with nurturing the three animals before they are released on to a nature reserve.

Mr Thomas added: “This is a fantastic educational and environmental project to be involved in and we’re delighted that the students are having the opportunity to work with the rangers - they have learnt so much.

“Projects like this are extremely valuable to the students, as they are learning skills that they wouldn’t necessarily be taught in the classroom.

“Next academic year we are planning to develop a small farm at the school, where students will have the opportunity to learn more environmental skills.”