WYRE Forest District Council has reduced the carbon emission from its buildings and fleet vehicles by almost 18 per cent in the last three years.

The council set out in its carbon management plan to reduce emissions by 30 per cent over five years from 2011.

The aim is to combat fuel and energy bills and reduce environmental impact.

District councillor Anne Hingley, cabinet member for health, well-being and housing, said: “We have put in place various measures to improve the efficiency of our buildings and vehicles.

“Last year we purchased two new refuse vehicles, each fitted with an electric, rather than a hydraulic, bin lift, along with other fuel saving modifications.

“We will continue to include fuel efficiency measures in our vehicle fleet refurbishment programme.”

Other projects the council have carried out to reduce its emissions include green driver training for fleet drivers and the installation of LED lighting at several sites, which the council expects to pay for itself, through savings on electricity bills and maintenance, in less than three years.

Future plans include further LED lighting work as well as heating and insulation upgrades at several sites.